How to survive O- Week

1. Quality over quantity

Of course everyone loves free sh*t, but theres only so man cheap canvas bags and shitty black pens one person needs. So when you’re walking around campus taking in that smell of optimistism, remember to be selective with your eye contact so you dont end up with an inbox full of stuff you’ll never actually commit to and a wardrobe cluttered with papers and pens from large banking corporations. 

2. Fuel your body

During O-Week celebrations it’s easy to automatically revert to a strict diet of two-minute noodles, goon, chicken burgers and HSP’s. However, your loved ones didn’t send you to university to send your vital organs into shut down. So please incorporate some green in there somewhere…(no..not Midori). If you want some cheap ideas, check out our “2-minute Noodles” Blog Post. 

3. Taco Tuesdays

You’ll be super stoked to discover the drink specials at your local, one for every day of the week. Although upon first appearance, these specials look like your strained wallets best friend. Be warned: one can easily spiral into a path that leads to the staff using your first name and your bowels feeling betrayed. 

4. Single ready to mingle 

So you’ve decided. You’re going to get the ‘full uni expereince’ and get it on with multiple good lovers in a subtance fueled session that you’ll look back on with equal parts nostalgia and shame. Although our highschool sexual education was lacking in alot of ways, they were onto something. In other words, see if you can land some free condoms at O -Week Festival. 

5. Learn your campus! 

Actually have a wander around, ask some questions…you know…engage with people who arent already your friends. You could find that borrowing books isnt so difficult and there actually IS a Society for People Who Believe Pineapple Belongs on Pizza. 

6. Aussies abroad 

Find out when and how and where you can go overseas to study, getting the info early means you wont miss out on any deadlines and after you’ve recovered from the week long binge, can begin the extensive research necessary to make sure you get to post that awesome #studyabroad photo. 

7. Budget! 

Apart from getting us to do all the hard work for you, we suggest you be like those annoying Senior Card holders that want to confirm the GST on EVERYTHING. Find out where and when you can flash that awkward Photo Student ID to save on those DOLAAABILZZZ. You dont want to be that putz that was paying full price for movie tickets till October. 

8. Get around your local! 

There’s always heaps going on if you scratch beneath the surface. Get investiagting and support your local surf rock band, so when they make it you dont have to lie about being a fan from the start. 

9. Say Yes to Everything…

Well not everything…you know, avoid the bad things, like drugs and sti’s but put your hand up for stuff you didn’t think would be your jam. The best things usually come from risks like that. 

10. Your People 

You’re not gonna remember the marks you get, the wisdom of your tutors or your printing pincode. You’ll remember laughing till you pee while your best mate taccy voms in the bush next to you. You’ll remember the people. 

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