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Fin15 is a financial advisory service that believes your money should work for you! We are a team of six based in Wollongong but we come from all walks of life. We use our differences as strengths, coming together to enact our passion for helping others. Fin15 is licensed through the Financial Link Group with 60+ years of collective experience in the financial services. 

Our passion is financial education and helping  out clients make confident and informed decisions about their future. We keep our customers at the centre of our solutions, providing a personalised, long-term service of better value and better products at the best price. 

We believe in the empowerment of individuals and the communities through education, and strive to help each and every client make informed decisions about the future of their finances. Here at Fin15, our values form the cornerstone of our organisation and how we build our team. These values are: 




  1. We work on turning the world of finance on it’s head. Taking non-conventional approaches to common problems and using the feedback from our clients to build customer based solutions.
  2. We provide custom tailored solutions to improve our clients understanding of their finances, because we know that no two clients are the same.
  3. We’re completely automated, so that our processes take you less than 15 minutes.We’re smart and fast in today’s hectic world.
  4. Our goal is to offer a service that you’ll love so much you’ll recommend it to  your friends and family.
  5. As our clients grow we grow so what’s best for them is best for us, our clients are always our number one priority.
  6. Our services focus on solutions that enhance our diverse communities. Giving back is what we’re all about (karma is a real thing).
  7. We want our clients to have a good financial footing as early as possible, locking down the good sh*t while you’re young will make an invaluable difference later on.
  8. We believe our service should be flexible to fit in with your busy lifestyle.
  9. We embrace a creative workforce who are not afraid to challenge traditional thinking. In other words, our team is dope.
  10. We take a holistic approach, taking  care to match where you are going and who you want to be with the solutions we provide.
  11. Clean, simple and transparent processes result in much better outcomes for our staff, clients and community.
  12. Learning about how our communities are influenced by a changing world and understanding how that impacts our clients is central to our approach.
  13. Time is money, so we work hard to save yours. Our processes are vastly more time and cost effective than other providers in our field so you can focus more on what is important to you. Leave the numbers to us.
  14. Our team reflects the diversity of the world around us, the differences in expertise and backgrounds foster a range of new ideas and perspectives. We look to the future with innovation and prosperity.
  15. Environmental sustainability and social responsibility are crucial to Fin15 and we try to pass this onto our clients.

 Fin15 is operated in Australia by Wedan Consulting Pty Ltd ABN: 21 604 912 736

Corporate Authorised Representative No. 1254908 of The FinancialLink Group Pty Ltd

Australian Financial Services Licensee No. 240938

Wence Peraza – Authorized Representative No. 1254907 of The FinancialLink Group Pty Ltd

Australian Financial Services Licensee No. 240938

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