15 Ways to Save in the Gong!

Wanna know how to save some serious dough, well we got the tips you need to get more bang for your buck.

1.       Read the back of your receipts!

Not something many of us do, but there are plenty of coupons and vouchers printed on the back of those suckers, so click ‘yes’ next time you’re at the self-serve.

2.       Read the fine print for student discounts

Most places and services will have a student or concession discount, all it takes if for you to ask the question and BAM! 10%, 15% or even 20% off. For example, Great Union Cinema in Wollonong have student discounts, but if you sign up to be a Cinebuzz member, you can get a movie ticket for only $10. Alternatively you can check out UniMovies who screen movies for a fraction of the regular price.

 3.       Just do it!

Just do that little bit of extra prep, taking lunch with you for the day can save you more than $75 a week! That’s paying off an overseas holiday of about $2500 over the uni year.

 4.       Sunday Sesh

Just like your parents, if you shop every night rather than once or twice a week, you’ll end up spending so much more money unnecessarily. Just sketch a quick meal plan for the week (there are plenty online and take a friend on a Sunday afternoon for the big shop.

5.       Take advantage of your uni

UOW has many services such as health related services that are costed with students in mind. Another alternative is to reach out to Women’s Health Clinics, they run countless discounted or free programs and services, and they usually bulk bill medical appointments.

6.       Spring Clean your Purchases

Anna Lappe once said:

“Everytime you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want”

So have a think about what is really truly important to you and what you really need. Cull or adjust your spending accordingly. I think you’d be surprised with what you can cut out or find cheaper alternatives for. Do this like a good regular spring clean.

 7.       Get a piggy bank

An oldie but a goodie, all that little spare shrapnel can sure add up (a small cyclindical piggy bank can hold over $100 in silver coin alone) Grab one and put it in a place you know your hand will be reaching over, maybe the cup holder in the car?

 8.       Concession OPAL cards

It’s a little organisation at the start, but it’s worth it, every trip.

 9.       Don’t be a sucker!

When shopping, look higher and lower than eye level where the cheaper-but-still-good stuff lives.

 10.   Avoid shopping at service stations and corner stores.

The mark up is like 47% that’s a joke.

 11.   Join the club

Usually, university societies will hold inexpensive events or have discounts for local establishments if you’re a member…that’s a win/win. 

 12.   Op Shop Cop

Probably the most important (and fun) way to save money, but not only will you be saving that dosh, you’ll actually be making a huge impact on our environment and industires, great job on being a global citizen

13.   Hit up Groupon

They are always doing having ridiculous discounts locally and online.

 14.   Take some time

There are a lot of people out there who never take the time to search and apply for scholarships or student financial aids. That 30mins can turn out to be worth every cent! 

 15. Sign Up and Save  

Most of all, setting financial goals is the best way to keep your eye on the prize, Fin15 is all about taking your financial mess, and your uncertainty and weaving magic and making you feel on top of this whole money thing.

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